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We love monsters of all kinds!!!
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Oh God!

Got addicted on Monster Girls Quest, and now I can't stop drawing Monster Girls....

I salute you Kenkou Cross for the MGE

Most of my works will be on Traditional Art since I don't know how to use Paint Tools and all so I go with pencils.


So it's been 2 weeks since I've lost my flashdrive...(which I've been making a big deal out of it XD) anyway.. going back to square 1.

Before I get all ippy-uppity on drawing sketches I need you guys my friends to remind me on every requested ones. I'll be choosing from any of those requests, but if I get to find a way to imagine what the ones that I didnt pick would look I'll draw them.
I still havent received any contact with my sister who has the back-up drive for the Old, WIP's which I've been working on before I lost the flashdrive I've been using.
Oh and if ever some on the commissioned art that I've made are posted on other sites except dA (But I doubt the images in google are watermarked,screw google) I'll be redrawing them too, just wished the person who stole my flashdrive wont be posting the commissioned art anywhere and claiming it's their's or else I'll really have to redraw them.

I've redrawn 2 of my old drawings:

New sketches I've made are:
Genie, White Dragon(I think someone made a request on this),Raksasha

So far these are what I can still remember in my list:
Bunyip(:iconsierra-116:), Rusalka(:iconthearchosaurqueen:)'s OC),:icondemonlordlilith: sprites(I'll be doing them one at a time, So many XD), Naga
I seriously cant find it in my memory of the other requests O_O
Posted some sketches here in dA which were in the WIP list T^T

Remind me please...Although some requests were a year back making up to you guys will be great :D
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Im not much a fan of realistic arts since I draw anime-ish. I like being pushed though but not to far.

Drawing became a hobby since I was a kid, I never did expect the difference of my art until I found my old OC's, years of practice without even noticing the result.

I like reading books most of the time in the old days, now I got interested in manga's due to my sister's influence which was totally worth it.

I love playing games that has bizarre plots in it.

Whenever I don't get busy I draw a lot until im satisfied. Got interested in Mamonos after playing MGQ 2 years back, and a fan of Kenkou Cross's works on the MGE. If you ever wondered why all of my drawings are all girls that's because I'm a pervert :icontrollfaceplz: well everybody has that side.
Yes I love monster girl specially on Dragons, Tailed Beauties, and a little on Demons. I almost forgot SLIMES (I took a liking on them after I finished Erubetie's "Bitch PLease" meme.

Iam also a fan of Im Dal Young's works since they're quite interesting.…

If ever you'd want to ask for a request on a Mamono, I'd be happy to.
Monster Girls FTW!!

Llama? please give me! :icontearyguyplz: XD just or the heck of having them

Monster Girl Quest Fan Stamp by InifiniySociety89

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Do you mind if I use your Empousa pic for a profile I made? I can note you the profile if you want as well.
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Sure :D
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Also, I want to know if I'm allowed host that pic on MGU. We had a debacle with KC, so now we're no longer allowed to host his materials on MGU, which also means the Wanted Posters in the banner at the top of the site were also removed. The staff is thinking of replacing those wanted posters with others of custom monster girls and characters from other monster girl works, such as Miia from Everyday Monster Girls. I asked if I could have a poster for my Empousa profile, and I wanted to use your Empousa for the image for both the profile and the wanted poster. Only if you allow that though, but I guess you did give permission.
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ANND I just saw you in MGR ahaaha :D
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Graydrone Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa.... another ruckus in MGU? criticisms?......

Oh and while in the time I've not been around I was working on some commissions by Animajunki, you might have heard of his name in MGU. and been drawing sketches and a lot but never have had the time to continue them due to work. I've finished a sketch of KC's Valk but pretty much I'll feature it like I did to Selenia…
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