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Phoenix (rework) by Graydrone Phoenix (rework) by Graydrone
before rework:…
/) =w=/)~ update

Credits to :iconsierra-116: for the profile which I really love


Elemental Type

Unknown Family

Habitat: Deserts, Volcanic areas, Abandoned towers

Disposition: Calm, devoted, compassionate, intelligent, strong willed

Diet: Omnivorous, prefers fruit over meat

A rare mamono, people rarely see Phoenixes. They are quite solitary, often living in isolated places. These places are usually hot as well, seeing as Phoenixes are creatures of fire, though they sometimes live in large abandoned towers.

Despite being creatures of fire, they are quite calm, and very intelligent. They are compassionate, and will help people, human or mamono, in distress. Unlike other mamono that help humans in trouble, Phoenixes ask for nothing in return. Also, should a person they rescue be someone knowledgeable in alchemy and other areas of the arcane arts, a Phoenix will give the person a single one of their feathers, which are highly sought after, being filled with potent magical power.

Phoenixes are very powerful, and have many inherent abilities. Their tears are known to heal any injury short of dismemberment, cure any disease, and cleanse the body of any poison. They can summon immense strength when the need arises, and their feathers can be used to create potions that can completely protect the drinker against fire. However, since they only give feathers to those who understand how to use them, and only ever give one, and since they only ever shed a few drops of tears when they cry, even when incredibly upset, Phoenix feathers and tears are very rare, with tears being the rarer, since there’re rarely tears spared when they are used.

Phoenixes also have powerful fire magic, sometimes rivalling that of Dragons. However, because they very compassionate creatures, they wear special magical braces that contain their power, so they don’t accidentally harm someone. These braces only contain their power, not suppress it. If the need arises, Phoenixes can summon all their power, cloaking themselves in fire, for a short time at least. Without their braces, a Phoenix may unintentionally set themselves on fire, and since their fire is always harmful, unable to make it safe like some other mamono, they may accidentally hurt someone.

Phoenixes are also peculiar in that they are not driven by lust like many other mamono. They do not need to feed on semen, spirit energy or life force. They are quite self-controlled with their desires. However, they still wish for a man to call their husband. When they find a man that they take a liking to, Phoenixes will track the man down, but they will not attack him. Instead, Phoenixes will go through courtship, and try to get the man to fall in love with her out of his own heart. The men they choose are varied, though none are truly evil or malicious. More often than not, a Phoenix will become infatuated with a man with a kind heart than a man skilled in magic. Phoenixes usually succeed with getting husbands, mostly because they don’t come on too strong, and take time to court the men they like.

Phoenixes are rare because they have a very low fertility rate, and newborn Phoenixes are quite rare, and usually a Phoenix will give birth to one child, or in very rare cases, two. However, this is not a problem, as their race has another very unique aspect: they cannot truly die. Though Phoenixes are very long lived, once they have married, their lives become linked to their husbands. When the husband dies, so does the Phoenix. However, this is not the end. When a Phoenix dies, they ignite into flames, burning up and turning to ash. This process is not painful, and Phoenixes are usually smiling before death. They see it as a new beginning… literally. Shortly after death, a new Phoenix will rise from the ashes, already a small child. However, they are not a different Phoenix, but the same one reborn. They retain all their memories from all their lives, and once they have matured to adulthood, they will begin seeking for another husband, with a similar disposition to their last husband. Some may think this torturous, being reborn over and over again after their husbands pass away, and having to find a new one, retaining all the joyful memories of husbands past. Normally, these memories would be painful, but Phoenixes are very strong willed. It is believed, however, that when a husband dies, their soul is infused with the Phoenix’s, so one could say that Phoenixes are never truly separated from their lost lovers, and that the Phoenix lives on with the souls of her husbands in eternal happiness, unless the Phoenix is killed by something. It is not known what happens to the souls of the Phoenix’s husbands and the Phoenix’s soul itself after final death happens, but one theory states the souls continue to live on, together, without physical form, as energy of pure happiness. This energy is believed to calm even the most violent of anger or aggression, making even an Ushi-Oni gentle to their men. The more souls, the more powerful this energy is.

Phoenixes, though rare, are considered living symbols of happiness and safety. While they are non-aggressive, and prefer not to resort to violence, if provoked, or if their husband and/or family are attacked, they will defend their loved ones with their lives. The same goes for random innocent strangers under attack from monsters or humans. Even after they marry, Phoenixes will continue to lend aid to those in need, and any village fortunate enough to have a Phoenix living in or nearby the village will benefit from protection and happiness. Phoenixes don’t produce energy that makes people happy, unlike the souls, but make people happy simply from being kind, caring and compassionate creatures, who hate suffering, even if they are solitary.
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Earthstarbase Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
I like this she could pass as a fire elemental
Graydrone Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I could say that they're pretty capable of using a multitude number of elemental magics after all living for millenniums would they probably have vast knowledge on certain aspects of the world  
SIERRA-116 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016
And there's my prof, nice work~
Sigfriedofgaea Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FantasyRebirth96 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
oh ho wow no way! this is such a brilliant job! spectacular work doing this!!!
IceWulf77 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Intense and cute. Her outfit and fire magic look excellent, as does her appearance itself. :3
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